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50V ultra-low starting voltage

1.1 times continuous overload of communication

Maximum 1.5 times DC overshoot

Integrated cooling technology without fans

Built in anti backflow function

Secondary protection for AC-DC stray surge

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Photovoltaic panels

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Photovoltaic Application Issues

  • Low battery board conversion rate

  • The battery panel consumes a lot of energy

  • Low safety performance of solar panels

  • Inconvenient maintenance of photovoltaic systems

Global Photovoltaic Power Solutions

BrightHertz Advantages

  • Factory Strength

    Opening several factories with professional R&D teams and mastering core technologies.
  • Quality Assurance

    BrightHertz has a perfect QA&QC system.
  • R&D Capability

    Strong R&D capability, with 3-5 new products developed yearly.
  • One-stop Shopping

    BrightHertz offers a complete range of solar energy storage systems.

Why Choose BrightHertz

Years of practical experience in the photovoltaic field, focusing on photovoltaic inverters

  • 1173+

    Industrial and Home Photovoltaic Solutions

  • 178ten thousand

    Photovoltaic equipment

  • 130000+

    Accumulated service enterprises

  • 15000Billion

    Conversion rate and power savings

  • 511+

    Service coverage cities

Focusing on creating safe, efficient,
and energy-saving photovoltaic inverter solutions